How ingredients and nutritional information are manipulated

I was at the grocery store today. I forgot to have my papaya in office and was starving at the standalone store. You know how it goes, right? You are hungry and in a food store, there is temptation everywhere and you end up buying crap. I went looking for a something to eat in the market around but only found kachoris, samosas etc. Tempting, but no thanks.

This is what I saw on the pack in the store.




























30 gm has 134.412 kcal. Sounds good enough, right? Except the pack is 150 gm. Usually, brands mention calories/nutritional information per 100 gm. Why did this one choose to display per 30 gm?


150 gm = 672 calories. That is a hell lot of calories. You are better off eating samosas and kachoris. Your main meal also shouldn’t have so many calories. And let’s not kid ourselves that anyone would have only 30 gm of the pack. You will have atleast 100 gm or even the entire pack.

Guess which brand is this? Nope, it isn’t Lay’s which we know is bad for us. It is “diet” food…. apparently low cholesterol.

Lesson learned- Read the nutritional information.





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