Day 30

I am still here. I have started entering the food on myfitnesspal app to track the calories and it is easier to remember what I had throughout out the day.
Saturday was my cheat day… I decided to cheat before the half marathon instead of after.

How ingredients and nutritional information are manipulated

I was at the grocery store today. I forgot to have my papaya in office and was starving at the standalone store. You know how it goes, right? You are hungry and in a food store, there is temptation everywhere and you end up buying crap. I went looking for a something to eat in the market around but only found kachoris, samosas etc. Tempting, but no thanks.

This is what I saw on the pack in the store.




























30 gm has 134.412 kcal. Sounds good enough, right? Except the pack is 150 gm. Usually, brands mention calories/nutritional information per 100 gm. Why did this one choose to display per 30 gm?


150 gm = 672 calories. That is a hell lot of calories. You are better off eating samosas and kachoris. Your main meal also shouldn’t have so many calories. And let’s not kid ourselves that anyone would have only 30 gm of the pack. You will have atleast 100 gm or even the entire pack.

Guess which brand is this? Nope, it isn’t Lay’s which we know is bad for us. It is “diet” food…. apparently low cholesterol.

Lesson learned- Read the nutritional information.





How to pick your whey

I didn’t believe in having whey when I started working out. It’s not like I wanted to build muscles. And when I went looking for information online, all the stories about whey being a cause of kidney stones freaked me out.

I mentioned this to APC.

*APC is a friend from B school who went from slightly overweight to fit to ripped. He is my go to for any fitness related questions*

He brushed off all the suspicions. Whey CAN lead to kidney stones because the extra protein creates pressure on the kidneys but only if you don’t drink enough water. I went to looking for a sasta and tikau whey. The website is useful because of the reviews. I bought Endura because it cost 1k for 1 small can and figured if it became part of my daily ritual I could switch to something more expensive. Why spend more money on trying something new?

I started taking whey after every workout- strength training or cardio. 1 scoop in water. Sure, earlier I had it with milk but now I have switched to water. You may even get a shaker free on the website. Add 1 scoop to 3/4 glass water, shake it well and drink. It may or may not taste good. That is not the point. With Endura, I gained 500 gm of protein weight in one month which is fantastic.

I have been taking whey for 1.5 years now. I have switched to a more expensive brand which does not necessarily translate into better results though. After trial and error I have decided to stick to Muscle Blaze. 1 pound of can costs around 3k or less.

Here are tips on whey:

– Buy the cheapest one if you are starting out. I would recommend Endura.

– Have it with water. Best way to have it. I do add it to mango shake in the mornings but evenings it is only with water

– Drink lots of water

– There is a specific window in which whey should be had after the workout. I think it is 30-45 mins. I generally carry whey in the shaker in my gym bag instead of waiting to come home.

– Fix a budget and buy the best whey in that budget

– Don’t worry about things like isolates and all initially. Buy within the budget

– Isolates are a purer form of protein. They have fewer carbs. If you are trying to lose weight, it is better to have isolates. But then again, if you end up eating stuff like bread and cakes… does it really matter how many carbs are there in the whey? Keep it simple.

– Isopure is a zero carb whey in the market and considered the best but it is freaking expensive. Unless you are trying to drop your body weight drastically and get ripped, no point spending this kind of money.

Any other queries? You can always google all the technical information. This advice is only for beginners, of course.

Day 28

Today was probably the first time I didn’t eat crap while travelling. No chocolates also.

Tomorrow is day 29 and BMA. Super excited. How are you doing?